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Free Legal Quit Claim Deed Forms for Property Transfer

quit claim deed for property transferIf you are in need of a Quit Claim Deed Form for your property transfer, there are many lawyers that will draft one for you for free. Quit Claim Deed forms are used to transfer a deed’s ownership. You will usually use a free Quit Claim Deed form to transfer property from you to a family member or other person, or when changing the spelling of a name on the original deed. They are also used when you are changing tenancy, or you own a business and want to purchase or sell property.  They are used in things such as divorces, wills, and other settlements.

If you need a free Quit Claim Deed form then you want to do some research and talk to some attorneys to inquire about their fees or if they will offer to write you up one for free. Depending on what state you reside in the forms will be different so make sure you are inquiring about this in the correct state to insure you have the correct form. Each state has its own set of laws pertaining to the transfer of property and assets, so be sure to find your particular states laws and regulations and read about them.

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Free Legal Quit Claim Deed Forms for Property Transfer in Ohio

ohio quit claim deedTraditionally, when transferring a piece of real estate in Ohio you would use a warranty deed. However, there are those that may need to transfer their property with a quitclaim deed instead. These are useful if you are simply transferring property to another family member or to somebody else without actually selling the property. Quitclaim deeds also come in handy if you are transferring property with an unclear title. For example, a title that has back taxes or liens can only be transferred with a quit claim deed. Then the grantee on that deed will inherit those back taxes or liens, most of the time. It depends on the laws and regulations in your local jurisdiction.

There are many legal document websites on the internet that make quit claim deed template for Ohio available to download. Some of these websites charge you money while others let you download them for free. Some website not only gives you the template, but they help you fill it out and record the deed in the appropriate recorder’s office for you. If you are totally new to transferring real estate, then a service like this may be an alternative to a free Ohio quit claim deed.

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