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How To File A Quit Claim Deed In The State Of Virginia

quit claim deed virginiaA Quit claim deed is used to transfer property from person to another. These deeds are used in most if not all 50 states, and while transferring the deed is basically simple no matter state you live in, you still need to know and follow the procedure for filing a quit claim deed in the state you live in. This article, will explain to you How to file Quit Claim Deed in the State of Virginia.

When To Use A Quit Claim Deed

Since a Quit Claim deed offers no warranty of property status, most quit claim deeds are used in cases where the grantor (the person transferring the property to another) has some form of relationship with the grantee (person they are transferring the property too). Quit claims deeds are often used when transferring ownership of your part of a property to your spouse (ex-spouse) after divorce, or to another relative such as child, or sibling. While it is most often used to transfer title or remove someone’s name from the deed, it can also be used to add someone’s name to a deed as well.

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