How To Get Quit Claim Deed In Indiana?

quit claim deed indianaQuit claim deed is a document which mistakenly referred as “Quick claim deed” that is capable of transferring title from one person to another either it is a real property, a possession and etc. Quit claim deeds are generally used when there is a member of a family who want to transfer all his/her assets and liabilities to the next heir like from parent to a child, spouse to another or to other family member. Remember that Quit claim deed is different from a warranty deed as quit claim deed offers no warranties or such guarantees regarding the property that needs to be transferred. In its simplest sense, it only transfers the property to the new owner and that’s it, nothing more nothing less. Quit claim deed is already being practice in different countries and states in the world and one of these is the Indiana. You can be able to get a quit claim deed in Indiana by following these steps below.

Steps on how to get quit claim deed in Indiana

  1. Locate the present deed of the property/possession. If you don’t have any records when it comes to the deed of the property you want to transfer, you can get a copy from the county recorder’s office in Indiana for the registry and authenticity of the property and the person who want to transfer it. However, expect to have a charge of small fee when it comes to locating the present deed.
  2. Look for the property’s parcel number.Parcel number is located in the most current property tax bill of your county’s geographic information system website. Call a county assessor’s office of your property to find the parcel number.
  3. Prepare for the quit claim deed. Preparing your deed is definitely the hardest step in getting your present quit claim deed. You need to further research about the procedure in getting your quit claim deed for you to gain the best out of it. Here are the directions that you need to follow with regards to this kind of approach.

3.1  Named both parties. It is a must to have the names of the grantor and the grantee/s before you prepare the quit claim deed as it will serve as the authenticity and the legality of the documents. State in the document that he already quits the claim for his property and he is 100% willing to transfer it.

3.2  Include the full description of property. Describing the property over the document is also a vital requirement to ensure that full legal description of the property. You can find the description of the property in the County’s GIS system website of Indiana. Make sure that the description is well stated to avoid complications.

3.3  State the price of the property. We all know that transferring property through Quit claim deed doesn’t need any amount of consideration. However, the contract law of Indiana now states that a must for amount of consideration is highly advisable to include.

3.4  Include both signatures. Signatures are must in quit claim deed. You need to have both signatures from grantor and grantee to ensure legalities and for formalities.

3.5  Determine the format of your deed. Indiana has its own specific format with regards to its quit claim deed so it is a must to follow that format to prevent any misleading issues in the future.

Now you have the steps to get quit claim deed promptly, you can now manage your family’s quit claim deed without any prior problems and issues.

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