How To Transfer Property in Illinois with Quit Claim Deed

quick claim deed formHopefully you will never have to, but if you do, you should know how to use a quit claim deed in Illinois.

The easiest way to quit claim property in Illionis, of course, is to go through a title company or an attorney’s office.  But that is not the only way.  You can find the basic forms via a simple googling.  A legal description of the property is required; also you will need a property tax transfer from the Cook County Recorder of Deeds (there will be a small fee for this).  If you prefer a more time consuming method, you may find a written description of the property if you have the paperwork from your original mortgage document.

This is the required information that you need to file with the County.

Next, you must have these documents: Illinois Quit Claim Deed form, A Statement of Grantor/Grantee form, and an Affidavit/Plat Act.  These three documents call all be downloaded from online.  The Clerk at the County Courthouse, depending on his/her temperament, may assist you when completing these documents, if you ask nicely (no guarantees on that.)  All three of these documents must be notarized.

Another important document that you will need is The Property Tax Transfer Form.  This form can also be obtained from the clerk at the county courthouse.

Remember that the Quick Claim Deeds must be recorded in the county in which the property is located.  There are a few exceptions to this rule, like everything else, check with the clerk at the county court house.  The exception is usually only if the property is located in a county which relies on the municipal services of the neighboring county .

Keep in mind, there is no turning back.  Once these Illionis quitclaim deed form and other documents are signed and notarized, they are 100% binding.  After completing these documents, turn them into the county court house.

Here is the Reference for Free Illinois Quit Claim Deed Form Template:

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